About Engineers Declare Australia

Engineers Declare Australia is coordinated by a group of volunteers. Most of us are engineers, and all of us believe in the profession’s potential to fundamentally shape a better future for everyone.

We established the Engineers Declare Australia movement because we want to:

  • Mobilise the engineering profession to take more action on climate change, faster.
  • Connect individuals and organisations to facilitate greater collaboration.
  • Communicate the aspiration of many engineers to see stronger action.
  • Encourage the profession to take broader leadership on climate action in the public domain.

Movement Principles

The coordination team all believe we all have responsibility for creating positive change. We are guided by the following principles:

  • We focus on the future, rather than the past.
  • We are inclusive and collaborative because everyone needs to be involved.
  • Our movement activities are underpinned by evidence-based science.


The following team of people are coordinating Engineers Declare Australia.

The group has no political or institutional affiliations.

Founding Partners

Engineering Without Borders Australia

EWB Australia is a for-purpose organisation, creating a sustainable world through human centred engineering. We are a movement of active, engineers who strive to achieve incredible results for people who are underserved or at risk of being left behind. We have a responsibility to the communities we work with regionally, to tackle the conditions that contribute directly to their struggle to access basic services that we take for granted.

We accept the science of climate change. We have seen first hand the detrimental effect  that the rapidly changing weather patterns are having on the communities we work with from farmers on the Mekong Delta to communities in Cape York and the Torres Strait.  Because of this, it was logical for us to join Engineers Declare and use our role in the engineering sector to support the global transition to a low carbon future, within globally accepted timerames.


We are seeking volunteers and pro bono support to amplify the movement. Please contact us if you would like to work with us.

Contact Us

Please get in touch if you have questions or feedback.

Lizzie Webb (e: info@engineersdeclare.org.au.)