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Australian Engineers
Declare Climate
and Biodiversity Emergency

Australian Engineers Declare Climate and Biodiversity Crises

Movement Declaration : The impending climate breakdown and biodiversity loss are the two most serious issues of our time. Australian Engineers Declare are determined to address this.

Engineering activities are connected with over 65% of Australia’s Direct Greenhouse Gas Emissions.1

As such, engineering teams have a responsibility to actively support the transition of our economy towards a low carbon future. This begins with honestly and loudly declaring a climate and biodiversity emergency.

Meeting the needs of our society without breaching the earth’s ecological boundaries demands a paradigm shift in our activities and our behaviours. Together with our clients, we will need to design and implement systems, infrastructure and technologies that can contribute to constantly regenerating and self-sustaining economic and ecological systems.

The research and technology exist for us to begin that transformation now, but we need to work together.

Recognising this, we commit to strengthening our work practices to create systems, infrastructure, technology and products that have a positive impact on the world around us. Our profession is respected for its problem solving abilities. It is time for us to take a stronger

leadership role in addressing our world’s most pressing problems.

Our Declaration

We will seek to:

– Evaluate all new projects against the environmental necessity to mitigate climate breakdown, and encourage our clients to adopt this approach.

– Advocate for faster change in our industry towards regenerative design practices, that respect ecological limits whilst enabling socially just access to resources and services, and a higher governmental funding priority to support this.

– Advocate for and undertake 21st century economic assessments that take a whole-of-system, whole-of-life approach, and take into account the implications of expanding beyond ecological ceilings and failing to meet fundamental human rights and social justice obligations.

– Join with other professions and work with government to develop a stronger and more comprehensive whole-of-government response to the climate emergency.

– Collaborate with policy makers and planners, contractors and clients to further these broad outcomes.

– Learn from and collaborate with First Nations to adopt work practices that are respectful, culturally sensitive and regenerative.

– Upgrade existing infrastructure and technology for extended use when the opportunity arises for carbon emissions reduction.

– Accelerate the shift to circular economy principles (e.g. minimise wasteful use of resources) and low embodied carbon materials in all our work.

– Implement climate change and biodiversity mitigation principles.

– Raise awareness of the climate and biodiversity emergencies and the urgent need for action in our organisations and networks.

– Track and share stories of success as individuals and companies make climate positive choices, building pride and solidarity in the engineering sector and our role in delivering a healthy planet.

– Share knowledge and research to that end, on an open source basis.

We acknowledge that First Nations peoples have long espoused the cultural, social, economic and environmental benefits embedded in the holistic relationship of Caring for Country. We respect and embrace this perspective.

1Australian Government Department of the Environment and Energy, National Inventory by Economic Sector 2017, p3. 65.6% is a sum of the ‘Electricity, Gas and Water’, Mining and ‘Services, Construction and Transport’ categories.


Individuals – we invite engineers and engineering students in Australia to sign

Organisations – we invite organisations with core capacity in engineering in Australia to sign

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Individual Signatries

Larissa Abbott
Abdul Nasar Abdul Samad
Mark Abela
Benedict Abourke
Chris Adams
Steve Adams
Nick Adams
Matthew Adams
Andrew Addinsell
Randeep Agarwal
Edgar Arevalo Agda
Oscar Agnoletti
Alex Agnoletti
Abeer Ahmed
Alan Ainsworth
Ali Al Qanbar
Adnan Alam
Bronwyn Albress
John Alden
Daniel Alexander
Matthew Alexander
Wasif Ali
Elliot Ali
Aamir Alikhan
Esther Allen-Howard
Marc Allen
Mitchell Allen
Emad Alloush
Glenn Alman
Doaa Almearage
Amel Alostad
Sarah Alrefaei
joseph altavilla
Keith Altmann
Daisy Ambach
Jeevan Ampiyil
kartik anand
Nikraj Anand
Tim Anderson
Joel Anderson
Cody Anderson
Bianca Anderson
Virginia Anderson
Bianca Andrafr
Grahame Andrews
Ryan Andriessen
Michelle Angland
Jack Anglberger
Edward Anketell
Colin Apelt
Giacomo Ardizzon
yuri arguedas
Oscar Arteaga
Jamie Arthurs
Stephanie Ascone
Ken Ash
Hamidreza Ashtari
Peter Atherton
Beau Atkinson
Danjuma K. Audu
Remy Augros
Kim Axworthy
Lu Aye
Eugene Baiden Assan
Maximilian Bailey
Jenny Bailey
Peter Bailey
Gregory Baird
Chris Baker
Temily Baker
Michael Baldock
John Balint
Nick Bamford
Hamish Banks
Zara Barger
Matthew Barham
Glen Barke
David Barker
Rowan Barling
Damien Baronio
Michael Barron
Elle Bartnik
Billie Barton
Ryan Batchelor
Ryuji Battad
Ben Battaglia
Kristy Battista
Jeya Bavan
Christopher Baxendell
Siân Baynham
Nigel Bean
Jason Beattie
Riley Behrend
Tina Behzadpour
Micah Bell
Sandra Bellido
Dov Ben-Avraham
Andrew Bettison
Willem Beumer
Douglas Bews
Sandeep Bhavanasi
Brett Bidwell
Oliver Biggs
Phillip Biggs
Marcus Billing
Andreas Bimba
Amanda Binks
Cris Birzer
Vaughan Bishop
Prateek Biyani
Chris Blackman
Jeremy Blake
Bernard Blake
Billy Blake
Andrew Blakeley-Smith
Gavin Blakey
Thomas Bleasdale
Lisa Blinco
Radu Bliuc
Gajanan Bochare
Prue Bodsworth
Russell Boehm
Alexandra Bogdanova
Edward Bond
Alexandra Bonilla
Nicole Borkowsky
Christian Borovac
Nigel Bosworth
Nick Boulter
Lucile Bourguet
Jerome Bowen
Timothy Bowker
Laurie Bowman
Casey Boyd
Anna Boyden
Matt Boyer
Simon Bradwell
Philip Branch
Tim Brand
Fraser Bransby
Paul Branson
Michael Bremer
Kacy Brennan
David Bretreger
Robert Brierley
Mitchell Bright
Adrian Bright
Jeremy Brill
Lisa Brinkley
Jason Briscoe
paul brock
Daniel Brogden
Sapoty Brook
Kate Brooks
Daniel Brooks
Ryan Brotchie
Paul Brown
Jackson Brown
Robert Brown
Nick Brown
Nicole Brown
Neil Browne
Holly-Rose Browne
Li Mei Brusey
Kara Brussen
Tim Buckley
Willa Budiman
Ali Bulbul
Matthew Bull
Bianca Bulsara
Simon Bunstead
Chris Buntine
Nigel Burdon
Joshua Burg
Katie Burgess
Cameron Burke
Anthony Burkitt
Geoff Burns
Des Burns
Gunilla Burrowes
Darren Burrowes
Robyn Bussey
Kristy Butler
Chris Butler
Vincent Butler
Bruce Butler
Melissa Buttigieg
Jack Bygott
Cloragh Byrne
Nick Byrne
Iris Caballero
Russell Cadman
Michael Caelers
Jean Caetan
Jacky Cai
Pierre Cailler
Anna Cain
Dan Callaghan
Philip Campbell
Paul Campesato
Fabio Cancogni
Daniel Caneppele
Sophie Cant
Rujia Cao
Daniel Capovilla
Robert Care
Sally Carmichael
James Carn
Antony Carolan
Tom Carpenter
Paddy Carracher
Clément Carrato
Kelin Carroll
Mark Carter
Sophie Cassar
Tony Cauchi
Dominic Cavanough
Sanjoy Chakraborty
Punarjay Chakravarty
Peter Chamley
Kristy Chandler
Glenn Chapman
Ken Chapman
Brian Chapman
Nigel Chenery
Eva Cheng
Ashley Chiam
Will Childs
Ol Chin
Emma Cho
Urvish Chodvadiya
Rubel Chowdhury
Ashfaque Chowdhury
Emily Chung
Jack Clarke
Tim Clarke
Jesse Clarke
Patrick Clarke
Kate Clayfield
Adrian Clunes
Fiona Coe
Frankie Coen
Patrick Coffey
Reuben Colaco
Stephen Cole
David Collett
Tracey Colly
Pippa Connolly
Natasha Connolly
Sarah Connor
Phil Cook
Erick Coomans
Andrew Coonan
Nigel Corby
Ben Costa
Martin Cousins
Brad Cowan
Craig Cowled
Ben Cox
Ben Cox
Michael Craig
Mick Craig
Tyson Craig
Jacob Craven
Abel Crawford
Lex Creemers
Rob Crittenden
Will Croagh
Lane Crockett
Chris Croker
Keiran Croker
Bryce Cronin
Colin Cropley
Jon Crosbie
William Crosby
Andrew Crouch
Simon Crowe
David Cruickshanks-Boyd
Jeremy Culberg
Suibhne Cullen
Brodie Cullen
Eugene Cullity
Damon Cuming
ian cumming
Luke Cummins
eamonn cummins
Viva Cundliffe
Sam Cunningham-Nelson
Ian Cunningham
James Cunningham
Matt Cuppleditch
Franziska Curran
Matthew Currell
Robert Curtis
Rahul Dahiya
Jonathan Dahmani
Lachlan Daley
Stewart Dallas
Leigh Dalwood
Easton Dang
Dan Danielsson
Eriko Danilevsky
Emily Darlison
Dinithi Dassanayake
Rick Dathan
Marelle Davey
Tim Davies
Graham Davies
Alan Davis
kieren davis
Furat Dawood
Ben Dawson
Robert Day
Gabriel Dayeh
Rikus de Bruin
Talicia De Castro Andrade
Ralph de Lautour
Jessica De Silva
Laura Deaves
Yves Deene
Marine Dehayes
Samuel del Pino
Francois Demarche
Antonin Demazy
Davis Demillo
Claire Dempsey
Michael Denison
Huw Dent
Darcy Denton
Shaun Deverson
Martin Dewhurst
anna-sophie Dhenin
Jacqui Dielwart
Andrew Diete
Claire Dillon
Kevin Dillon
Peter Dimitriou
Steven Dineen
Ana Diniz
Mahdi Disfani
Claire Disney
Claire Dixon
John Dodson
David Donnan
Ross Donnelly
Chris Dorian
Luke Dowling
Christin Down
Rebecca Dracup
Clare Drake
Alice Drummond
Marcus Dryden
Matthew Drysdale
Patrick Durack
John Durrant
Mitchell Dwyer
Martin Dwyer
Richard Dyer
Ben Dyer
Cameron Dymond
Jonathon Dyson
Lana Dzananovic
Mitch Eadie
Malcolm Eadie
Katherine Eastaughffe
Monica Eaton
Colin Eddison
Helen Edmonds
Felicity Edwards
Gerard Egan
Michael Eisfelder
Reem El-Naji
Scott Elaurant
Dechlan Ellis
Ben Elliston
Omar ElSernagawy
Hannah Elvery
Simon English
Brian English
Jaime Ericksen
Mike Evans
Steve Evans
Dominique Everall
Greig Ewen
Peter Ewing
Justin Eyles
Mehdi F
Mohammed Fahad
Luca Faidutti
Atkins Fan
Xinyang Fan
Ana Beatriz Faria
Peter Farley
Thomas Farmer
Scott Farquhar
Abigail Farrell
Richard Feigin
Lee Fennell
Michael Ferguson
Nihal Fernando
Shalinka Fernando
Jon Fettes
Mick Fielding
Rod Fiford
Rayssa Figueiredo
Andrew Finnegan
Dr Fred Firknurkel
Ian Fisher PhD
Aran Fitzgerald
Donal Flanagan
David Flehr
John Fletcher
Jack Fletcher
Marianne Foley
Greg Foliente
Andrew Forbes
Gareth Forde
Michael Fordyce
Payam Forghani
Morgan Foster
Henry Fowkes
Jed Fowler
Duncan Fox
Jessica Foyster
Naomi Francis
Anthony Fransos
Dallas Frazier
Arielle French
Tom Frood
Sean Frost
Simon Frost
Ockert Frylinck
Winnie Fu
michael fuller
Casey Furlong
Sam Fyfield
Simon Gamble
Nicolette Gan
Tatiana Garcia
Robin Gardner
Matthew Gardner
Sam Garton
Sam Gartside
Steve Gates
Daniel Gaviria
No'am Geffen
Emily Gentilini
Miles George
Tierney George
Keith Gerrard
Lily Geyle
Sogol Ghobad
Karim Ghomari
Carole Gibbons
Fraser Gibson
Sam Gilbert
Peter Gillam
Simone Gillespie
Danielle Gilmartin
Ida Ginstrup
Bill Gissane
Trevor Gleeson
Benjamin Glover
Sivanujan Gnanakanthan
Jose Godoy
Tom Goldfinch
Rosalie Goldsmith
Christopher Golightly
Nick Goninan
Paul Gonzalez
Anthony Goodwin
Vikrant Gorasia
Toby Gorman
Tim Gosbell
William Grace
Michael Grace
Chris Graham
Tasman Graham
Barry Grear AO
Aldo Grech
Alice Greco
Kenneth Green
Neil Greet
Vaughn Grey
Greg Griffin
Cameron Grose
Jordan Grossman
Paul Guard
Fabien Guillard
Lucille Gusah
Charlotte Guthleben
Lachlan Guthrie
Lydia Gómez
Daryoush Habibi
Roger Hadgraft
tony hadi
Michael Hadjion
Jane Hadjion
Damian Hadley
Colin Hales
Phillip Haley
Katrina Hall
Kevin Hall
Murray Hall
Todd Halliday
Stephanie Hamel
George Hamer
Alice Hammer
James Hammett
Fiona Hancock
Fikry Hanif
David Hanson
Simon Harbig
Bardi Harborow
Peter Harbour
Elizabeth Harding
Jessica Hargrave
Ruth Harland
Lara Harland
Grant Harper
David Harridge
Sahil Harriram
Nathan Harris
Ella Harrison
Daniel Harrison
Elizabeth Harrison
James Hart
Rolfe Hartley
patrick harvey
Hashim Hashim
Ahmer Hassan
Michael Hassett
Georgia Hawkes
Stephanie Hayes
Chelsea Hayward
Glenn Hedges
Julia Heide
Francis Heil
Anne Hellstedt
Rebecca Hendy
andreas henschke
John Heptonstall
Sarah Herkess
Nick Hewson
Anthony Heynen
Liam Highmore
Jackson Hill
Matthew Hill
Jack Hill
Matt Hinchcliffe
Chris Hindle
Phillip Hinds
Wendy Hird
David Hislop
David Hoadley
Aaron Hoare
Alan Hoban
Timothy Hoban
David Hobbs
Bruce Hodsdon
Annabel Hofstee
Glen Holland
Geoff Holland
Richard Hollingsworth
Damien Holloway
Ashley Holm
Sean Holmes
Jessica Holz
James (Hoody) Hood
Prof David Hood
Matthee Hoogland
Daniel Hopkins
Leo Hopmes
Dale Hopper
Peter Hormann
Luke Horton
Helena Horton
Cameron Hough
Ryan Hoult
Dorian House
Justin Howes
Matthew Howse
Yuxia Hu
Kellen Huang
Chris Hube
Erin Hughes
Natalie Hughes
John Humphrey
Shane Humphreys
Steve Humphries
Tim Hunt
John Hunt
Vincent Hurley
Josh Hurley
John Hutchinson
Hanson Huynh
Steve Hwang
Lucien Ibrahim
Elizabeth Idziak
Prakash Indeepdudu
Shaun Infantino
Ashir Intisher
Misko Ivezich
Cole Izking
Des Jackson
Nic Jacobson
Dima Jadan
Naman Jain
Larissa James
Peter Jameson
Peter Jamieson
Mansoor Janjua
Stefan Jarnason
Elmi Jelle
Madeleine Jenkins
Tristram Jenkins
Alex Jennings
Ryan Jennings
Adam Jenson
Tim Jessop
Joel Jeyaseelan
Elizabeth Joannou
Alisya Johar
Leslie John
Jilu John
Sandra Johnson
Gary Johnston
Ryan Johnston
Andrew Jolly
Lorie Jones
Randall Jones
Kirsty Jones
Hannah Jones
Roanna Jones
Eric Jones
Mark Jonker
Marius Jonker
Hannah Jury
Dom Kafley
Nada Kalam
Prince Kanda
Chamaka Kandanarachchi
Dheeraj Kandel
Slavica Kandic
Johannes Erastus Tangeni Kapeuasha
Gerry Karakochuk
Cindy Karina
Avishai Karny
Giorgia Katsidonis
Amanat Kaur
Atamjot Kaur
Emad Kavehei
Selim Kazi
Maxwell Kazuva
Kiran KC
Michael Keane
Joshua Kearns
Melissa Keatley
Sam Kelley
Kieran Kelly
Jo Kelly
Simon Kelly
Jack Kelly
Jo Kelly
Michael Kelly
Nicholas Kelly
Jonathan kennedy
Mike Kenny
Sandra Kentish
Sean Keown
Catherine Kerr
Helen Kerr
Mohsen Khaksari
Stuart Khan
Shadman Khan
Enam Ullah Khan
Muhammad Omer KHAN
Sahil Khanna
Sanmay Khanvilkar
Mehdi Khiadani
Shannon Kieran
Rob Kilgour
Chris Killoran
Adam Kilsby
Jason Kim
Tony Kim
Davina King
John King
Caroline Kingsford
Georgia Kirkpatrick-Jones
Pavi Kirupakaran
Marc Kiven
Charles Knight
Ole Knudsen
Andrew Koay
Alisha Koirala
Kevin Korb
Shane Korosec
John Kot
Andrew Kovacs
Gideon Kowadlo
Ruth Kravis
Panha Kruoch
John Kubale
Shaw Kudo
Aashraya Kumar
Chandan Kumar
Nadja Kunz
Cat Kutay
Laurence Kwong
Vivian Kwong
Sean Ladiges
Victoria Lambert
Benjamin Lange
Gilbert Langfield
Josh Langsford
Mark Lanpard
Ryan Lanyon
Edmund Chun Yat Lau
Lachlan Laurie
David Law
Scott Laxton
Leo Lazarus
Rupert Le Messurier
Phillip Le
David Le
Joanne Le
David Le
Michael Leane
Todd Learmonth
David Leckenby
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Anna Leersnyder
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Justin Leontini
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Timothy Leske
Daniel Lester
Peter Lethbridge
Markus Leufgens
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Harrison Levvey
Antony Lewis
Ruth Lewis
Aled Lewis
David Lewis
Warne Lewis
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Scott Leyonhjelm
Amy Lezala
Haowen Li
Vincent LI
Kevin Liang
Colin Liebmann
Oliver Light
Cong Lim
Winnie Ming Yi Lim
David Lind
Trevor Lindars
Malin Lindblad
Nicklas Lindewald
Adam Lines
Chris Linke
Tyson Linthorne
James Little
Haoran Liu
Tim Lloyd-Smith
Felicity Lloyd
Evan Lo
Jonas Lobitz
Heiko Loehr
Kaj Lofgren
Nicholas Logan
Vincent Logarzo
Kai Loh
Ken Loh
Ken Loh
Cheryl Lokne
Emily Love
Louise Lovell
Matthew Lowe
Nicholas Lowe
Stuart Loynes
Dr Kathryn Lucas-Healey
Leckhraj Luchoomun
Codee Ludbey
Sukhin Ludher
Emma Lugge
Sam Lumley
Jie Luo
Dan Lupou
Rocky Luppino
Kim Lynch
Elena Lynch
Ellen Lynch
Jane Lynch
Ashik M
Leila Macadam
Cameron MacDiarmid
Raymond Macdonald
Lewis Macdonald
Daniel Mack
Lachlan MacLean
Jane MacMaster
Charlie Madden
Casey Magee
Grant Maher
pierre maheu
Teagan Mahon
David Mahony
Tracey Main
Dhruva Majagaiyan
Nicole Makawa-Mbewe
Hector Malano
Alex Males
Joseph Malicdem
Lex Manefield
Stewart Mann
Roger Mansfield
David Mansueto
Alex Marks
Marton Marosszeky
Xavier Marquat
Andrew Marsden
Julian Martin
Bryce Martin
Tony Marx
Girish Masand
Nick Maslen
Craig Mason
simon mason
Naomi Masterson
Andrew Mather
Varoon Mathur
Sarah Matthee
David Matthews
Peter Matthison
Jennifer Maverick
Benton Maxted
Michael Maxwell
Callum Mayer
Richard Mayo
Clara Mazzone
Jason McBain
Tarin McBride
Christopher McCarthy
Guy McCauley
Mark McConnachie
David McCourt
Georgina McCowan
Sarah Mcdonald
Raelene McDonell
Kate McDonell
William McDougall
Selwyn McFaul
Ellen McGennisken
Gabrielle McGill
Rachael McGinley
Andrew McGrath
Freeman McGrath
Vanessa McGrath
Ryan McIvor
Hamish McKay
Kristoffer McKee
Peter McKernan
Pippa McKinstry
Fergus McKittrick
Daniel McLean
Lachlan McLeod
Mark McNee
Jonathan McPhail
Stuart McTaggart
Declan Mead
Jacob Meehan
Marley William Meemeduma
Lubna Meempatta
Phil Mees
Jarvis Mellor
Brittany Mendezona
Doug Menzie
James Metcalfe
Rebecca Micallef
Ruby Michael
Jed Michel
Thomas Miers
Benjamin Mililli
Bruce Miller
Simon Miller
Heath Miller
Craig Mills
Etosha Milner
Ashish Mishra
Andrew Mitchell
Paul Mitchell
Ramashis Mitra
Brett Mitsch
Helia Moayedi
Alex Mobilia
Herminia Moir
Farhad Mollahagahi
Wendy Moloney
Don Moloney
M.A. Monayem
Philip Monsbourgh
Joshua Montford
Alex Montgomery
Makenzie Moor
Nathan Moore
Jim Moore
Graham Moore
Haydn Moorr
Haris Moraitis
Hans Moravej
Allan Morffew
Jim Morgan
Adrian Morphett
chris morrison
Kirby Morrison
Sheryl Mourin
Margarita Moya
Tina Mpyana
Nik Ms
Gavin Mudd
Raghuram Muguli
Alex Muir
Alex Muir
Adnan Mukadam
Nick Mulder
James Mumford
Dominic Murray-Fiume
Rachel Musgrave
Zewudie Mussa Ali
Phillip Musumeci
Rolf Mutter
Matthew Myles
Anna Nadolny
Ravikumar Nagarajan
Sheila Nagaratnam
Yousef Nahleh
Kerrin Naidoo
Nicole Naim
Viralkumar Nakrani
Will Nash
Michael Naughtin
Kym Neaylon
Sam Neill
Steven Nethery
Mark Netto
Matthew Newman
Christopher Newman
Lam Tuan Anh Nguyen
Anke Nguyen
Le Nguyen
Hugo Nicholls
Brenna Nichols
Riley Nicholson
Zak Nicholson
Terry Niemeier
Mohamed Nihad
Beran Nikolic-Paterson
Dusan Nikolic
Manh Ninh
Robert Niven
Jamal Nobandi
Jamal Nobandi
Stephanie Noble
Michelle North
Lisa Northwood
Fadhillah Norzahari
Bella Notie
Jack Nugent
Thomas Nugent
Fraser Nuttall
Michael O'Connell
Allan O'Connor
Kerrie O'Keefe
Daniel O'Leary
Brian O'Neill
Brian O'Neill
Matthew O'Regan
Julian O'Shea
Joziane Obid
Patrick Odonoghue
Ifeanyi Ogbuehi
Gudrun Olafsdottir
Mobolaji Olagbemiro
JamesBonn Olinga
Rita Oliveira
Callie Omlid
Gabriel Omonria
Pablo Orams
Heidi Osborne
Eric Owen
Lawrence Owen
Steven Owens
David Oyeyipo
Eden O’Brien
John O’Callaghan
Simon O’Hana
Robert Paech
Carlos Palada
Michael Palmer
Maria Panagiotidou
Gurbir Pannu
Andrew Parkinson
Clare Parry
Jan Parsons
Samantha Passmore
Bhavik Patel
Douglas Paterson
Colin Paterson
Malcolm Paterson
Priya Pathmanathan
Indubhushan Patnaikuni
Tom Patterson
Fraser Paxton
Finn Peacock
Andrew Pearce
Mark Pearse
Ashlee Pearson
Elise Pearson
Shenuka Peiris
Kun Peng
Kimberley Pepperell
Thiago Pereira
Minura Perera
Madurapperuma Arachchige Dasuni Perera
Ethan Perera
Rohan Perin
Sam Perkins
Alvaro Pescador
Liam Petchell
Dominic Peters
Rachel Petersen
Vanessa Petrie
Vanessa Pez
Ralf Pfleiderer
Carolyn Phiddian
Scott Phillips
Adrian Piani
Gloria Pignatta
Barry Pike
Caitlin Pilkington
Xenia Plakhotnik
David Pointing
Joshua Pole
Coralie Ponsinet
Simon Poole AO
Ian Pope
Kieran Port
Steve Posselt
Bruce Potter
Sagar Poudel
Melissa Preissner
Gavan Prendergast
Lyle Prendergast
Bryon Price
Alesha Printz
Richard Proudlove
Steve Pudney
Jessica Purdy
Simon Pursell
Ivan Pérez Würfl
Sarah Qian
Carlos Quijano
Anna Quillinan
Matthew Quinn
Sam Quinn
Geoff Quong
Hafiz Ayaz Qureshi
Mugundan Radhakrishnan
Rahul Krishna Radhakrishnan
Madan Rae
James Rafferty
Sawali Rai
mishal rai
Darren Rajit
Subathra Ramachandram
Arun Gowtham Ramar
Lexi Randall-L’Estrange
Grant Randle
Asmeet Ranu
Alex Rassau
manthila rathnayake
Bill Rayner
Samuel Redmond
Malcom Reed
Sophia Rehbock
Lisa Reid
Angela Reidy
Alex Reilly
Steffen Remvik
Fredy Renteria
David Rice
Kieran Rice
Hannah Richards
James Riesz
Jenny Riesz
jonathan rispler
Jerome Rivory
Bushra Rizwan
Phillip Roach
Mehdi Robati
Chris Robb
Mike Roberts
Steve Robertson
Malcolm Robins
Jeff Robinson
jeff robinson
Mark Robinson
Iain Robinson
Kara Robinson
barry Robson
Marc Robson
Kylie Rocha
Crispin Rock
James Rodgers
Jessica Rodrigues
Rodolfo Rodriguez
Simon Rogerson
Angela Rojas
Gaetano Romano
Sohan Roopra
Iemke Roos
Andrew Rose
Michael Rosenbrock
Tanja Rosenqvist
Michael Roth
David Rothfield
Jeffrey Roulston
Edward Rowe
Molly Rowe
Mitchell Rowe
Geoffrey Roy
Rudenka Roylance
Margaret Rozali
Taya Rudolph
Allan Russell
Barry Russell
Douglas Ruuska
Greg Ryan
Kris Ryan
Justin Ryan
Timothy Ryan
Glen Ryan
Meead Saberi
Massimo Sacchi
Shagun Sachdeva
Mohammed Amin Saeed
Sirous Safari Pour
Rohit Sah
Altan Sahin
Neil Salam
William Salis
Shira Samocha
Manuel Sanchez Paez
Rosie Sanderson
Melissa Sandon
Januka Sanyasi
Januka Sanyasi
Thaneshan Sapanathan
Richa Sarathi
Chris Sargood
Suzie Sarkis
Nicolas Sarmiento Sierra
Emmanuel Sartitsis
Melissa Sartori
Mitchell Savell
Emily Saville
Andrew Saw
Matthew Sawdon
Aditya Saxena
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Mark Scanlon
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Graham Schaffer
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Andrew Schnull
Brad Schultz
Greg Schumann
Jenson Seaw
Hamish Self
Alexie Seller
Serena Selvaraj
Nikita Semenov
Ankur Senghani
Brett Seriani
Marco Setiawan
Raymond Sexton
mehdi shafiei
Mehdi Shafiei
Vraj Shah
Archit Sharma
Akshat Sharma
Sakoon Sharma
Rohini Sharma
Madoc Sheehan
Hugh Sheehan
John Shiel
Liam Shiells
Shohini Shome
Nur Iziani Shukarmin
Frankie Sica
Heidi Sick
Aqsa Sikandar
Ailie Silkman
Warren Silove
Kathryn Silvester
Rusdy Simano
Geoff Simmers
Ivano Simonetto
Martin Simpson
Mark Simpson
Stanley Sinclair
Sukhwinder (JESSE) Singh
Shayal Singh
Gurwinder Singh
Harmeet Singh
Peter Single
Alexandra Sinickas
Paul Sirant
Neil Sizer
David Skinner
Ted Skinner
Sam Skinner
Lucas Skoufa
Graham Slack
Rolly Slamet
Jarrod Slatter
paul Sloman
Jane Smalley
Elis Smedley
Heather Smith
Alexander Smith
Matthew Smith
Ashley Smith
Brooks Smith
Steve Smith
Nick Smith
Ian Smith
Jeremy Smith
Luke Smith
Evan Smith
Stefan Smolenaers
Eve Smolinska
Scott Sneddon
Dulce Soares
Peter Sobey
Massoud Sofi
Sun Sokhe
David Solley
George Solomos
Matt Sorenson
Nanwen Sounness
Peter Sowter
Christian Spangenberg
Lauren Spann
Marilyn Spink, P.Eng.
Geoffrey Spinks
Mark Splittgerber
Henry Spry
Thangarajah Srikantharajah
Ioanna Stamatopoulos
David Steblina
Rowan Steele
Clint Steele
Kyel Steensma
Lindy Stephens
Clare Stephens
Louis Stevens
Lucy Stevenson
Mike Stewardson
Garry stewart
Karl Stiller
David Stirling
Alison Stoakley
Richard Stokes
Marcus Strang
Tony Strasser
Blair Stratton
Luke Strehle
David Stuart-Smith
Mary-Anne Stuart
Periyasamy Subbaiyan
Kate Summers
Deven Sumputh
Braye Sutherland
Jason Svarc
Tomer Svirsky
Keith Swann
Jen Sweatman
Terry Sweetser
Lachlan Symonds
Kriston Symons
Kuba Szczepanik
Isfar Tabriz
Amira Taha
Joseph Tam
Glenn Tamblyn
Stephen Tansing
Christopher Tate
Em Prof Elizabeth Taylor AO
Rob Taylor
Rachel Taylor
Nicolin Tee
Nicola Telcik
Hock Ter
Dejan Tesic
Dr. Sven Teske
Yagya Thapa
Biratheeban Theiveekan
Sofie Thielemans
Peter Thomas
Robert Thomas
Colin Thomas
David Thompson
Mark Thompson
Rhys Thomson
Ben Thomson
Stan Thomson
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David Thorpe
Peter Thurling
Jessica Tillotson
Rebecca Timmings
Thomas Ting
Tian Ting
Biplav Tiwari
John Tolhurst
Heath Tollis
Tommy Tommy
Mark Toner
Hoang Tong
Katie Topping
Graham Town
Peter Townsend
Trang Tran
Alain Trembleau
Russell Trevaskis
Sean Trewick
Michael Trinh
Nikolaos Tsakomakas
Rianna Turner
Ryan Turner
Jennifer Turner
Adam Turville
Md Nasir Uddin
Shiv Umapathi
Tong Ung
Tom Urquhart
Arsalan Usmani
Paulina Valdes
Ellen Van Der Heide
Alex van Gent
Rachel Van Haeff
Terence van Kalken
Vincent van Kampen
Robbie van Leeuwen
Beth van Vliet
Matthew Van
Deepak Varghese Sabu
Lakei Vasilios Varveris
Seshadri Vasan
Jaidev Vasudevan
Donald Vaughan
Karl Velasco
Hugh Venables
Catherine Vero
Adrien Vigoulette
Sandra Villacorta
Rishi Viner
Myriam Vinot
Akshay Vishwanathan
Alex Vollebergh
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Jessica Vorreiter
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Yash Vyas
Sean Wade-McCue
Bob Waldie
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Anmolpreet Kaur Waraich
Celeste Ward
Rick Ward
Christine Wardle
Adam Ware
Charles Wark
Warnasuriya Warnasuriya
David Waterworth
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Craig Watkins
Sarah Watson FIEAust
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Evan Watterson
Marcos Watts
Steven Wawryk
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Ben Wells
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Andrew Western
Samuel Weston
Oliver Westwood
Michael Wheatland
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Jake Whitehead
Casey Whitelaw
Timothy Whiting
Dilhan Wickremanayake
Nicola Wilkins
Frank Wilkinson
Alex Williams
Ella Williams
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Jordan Wilson
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Wai Sum Woo
Philip Wood-Bradley
Graham Wood
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Edward Woodford
Ben Wyatt
Jarrod Wynn
Richard Yanieri
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Gerrard Young
Chris Young
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Henry Yuen
Rayan Zahr
Tony Zahtila
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Yannick Zapf
Elisa Zavadil
Alex Zecevic
Johnny Zhang
Inez Zheng
Lei Zhong
Jonathan Zhu
Mike Zujic

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Engineering Student
Engineering Student
Vibhuti Abrol
Sophie Ader
Muhammad Ajmal Shahzad
Igbayemi Daniel Akeremale
Sarah Alexander
Pat Allan
Thomas Anderson
Layla Ankliss
Mitra Ardron
Jack Arney
asid askldf
Melanie Audrey
Hezran Ayob
John Bahoric
Zoe Baker
David Baker
luke barbagallo
Simone Barber
Rowan Barber
Mike Barnard
Nicky Barry
Fiona Jean Beck
Jacqui Bell
Amber Bell
K M Ulil Amor Bin Zaman
Rod Birch
Ian Bishop
Kate Bissett-Johnson
Zoe Brain
amy brand
Tim Brown
Veronica Brown
Steve Brown
Khun Bunnath
Stephen Burman
Terry Burns
Edward Burrowes
Jamie Byrne
Joel Callaghan
Vivian Campbell
Hugh Cantwell
Kim Cavallaro
HY William Chan
lang chang
Robyn Chen
Candice Choma
Monica Chong
Nathan Clarke
Roberta Colombo
Fergal Convery
Jane Coombs
Mateo Cortes
Joel Courtney
Robin Craig
John Crookston
Sophie Cunningham
Steven Currie
Emma Dade
Melanie Danatzis
Scott Daniel
Satyajit Datar
Nick Dawe
Ian Dennis
Ipshita Dewan
Dianne Dibley
Greg Diete
Jie Ding
Shaila Divakarla
Jonathan Dobson
Katelyn Dooley
Mark Drechsler
Dr Bea Duffield
Paul Dyson
Harald Ehmann
Scott Emmett
Alistair English
Gizem Ergel
Monica Esmond
Angus Fanning
mark feetham
Engineering Student Fiorella
Llawela Forrest
Michael Frangos
David Freer
Simon French-Bluhm
Frederik Fusager
Jake Gallina
Antonia Gamboa Rocha
Sayeeprasad Ganjekar
Arthur Gatley
Marco Giana
Luke Gilpin
Craig Goddard
George Goddard
Ryan Godfrey
Gregg Goldin
Anthony Goode
Bruce Gorring
Michelle Grosser
Palak Gupta
Chris Haines
William P Hall
Fatima Hammad
Paul Hawkins
Samantha Hayes
Fiona Higgins
Lloyd Hirst
Benjamin Hobbs
Stephan Hofmann
Sam Horsley
David Howarth
Aaron Hudson
Bryan Humphrey
Sophie Hutchinson
Sophie Hutchinson
Trong Huynh
Steven Isherwood
Vigan Jashari
Colleen Jeffreys
Mimie Jenman
Peter Jeremy
Ron Johnston
Mark Jones
Dori Kabillo
Nevil Kadawatha
Nevil Kadawatha
Nevil Kadawatha
Nevil Kadawatha
Renji Karayakallile Abraham
Engineering Student Karishama
Stuart Kay
Benjamin Kelley
Patricia Kelly
Kourosh Khoshelham
Kimberley Kifun
Robin King
Cameron Knox
Johanna Korsch
Leura Kowald
Michaell Krejany
John Laird
Alejandro Lara Allende
Lyn Leane
Christopher Lee
Jasper Lee
Jonathan Lepage
Weston Lewis
Nichol Li
nancy liddle
Steph Liu
Eleanor Loudon
Bo Majewski
Yeu Wen Mak
Justin Mallory
Jake Manser
Mark Martin
Antony Maubach
Fraser Maywood
Dylan Mccallum
Grace McCaughey
Greg McGarvie
Sheena McGhee
Brian McIntosh
Harold McIntyre
brian mckay
Lindsay McKeeman
Emma McKenna
Carl Menary
Claire Mercer
Aude Milcent
Rebecca Milligan
Emelia Milliner
Anthony Mills
Ricky Milnes
Andrew Minett
Sophie Mireylees
Pooja Modi
Mahboobeh Moghaddam
Hussein Ali Mohamedoo
Pepe Morales
Trish Morrow
Darshana Munasinghe
Ian Murray
Jeremy Nagel
Ollie Nam
Beatrix Neville
John Nichols
Susu Nousala
Michael Nugent
Noni Nuriani
R O'Brien
Daniel O'Connor
Darragh O'Hagan
Cassandra Oaten
Michael Okrent
Sheena Ong
Robyn Overall
Declan Page
Hina Panchal
Victor Parker ----- Retired Social Worker with M. S. W.
Victor Parker ----- Retired Social Worker with M. S. W.
Mark Parncutt
Craig Peters
Meg Phillips
Santisouk Phongsavan
Olivia Pitt
Troy Player
Markus Poller
Annabelle Pontvianne
Darren Purple
Khondkar Ayaz Rabbani
Guy Raithby-Veall
Mariano Ramirez
joshua Ramke
Luke Ranalli
Andrew Rate
Scott Rayburg
Paul Reichl
Suzie Reichman
Salima Rhemtulla
Tara Ritchey
Tyler Rivera
Angus M Robinson
Julianne Rodgers
Claire Roocke
Terri Ross-Marriott
Michael Rourke
Diana Ryall AM
Gwen Samuel
Sebastian Sarria
Luke Sarsons
Alex Saunders
Matthew Saxon
Brett Seriani
Sudip Sharma
Paul Sharman
Hannah Sharp
Stephen Shepherd
William Sher
Sally Shipway
Anthony Simpson
Sarbjit Singh
Peter Single
Poorany Sitsabesan
David Smith
Lachlan Smith
Donna Squire
Paul Stoller
David Styan
Mao Sun
Mark Tabone
Andrew Thexton
Derry Thomas
Vanessa Thompson
Khoun Tola
Martin Tomko
Louise Tomlin
Andy Townsend
Stephanie Tran
Martha Travis
Anne Truong
Crispin Underwood
Koko Valentin
Beth Valour
Louis van Rensburg
Ryan Wade-McCue
Robert Waldie
Lorraine Walker
Corinne Wallis
Jessica Ward-Jones
Vincent Wardill
Kerri Watson
Bella Watson
Peter Webb
Stephen Webster
Peter Wegener
Deborah Weisz
Mina Westby
Lara Westcott
Michael White
Caitlyn White
David Whitehead
KL Whittingham
Mylo Wilson
Romy Wolstencroft
Mark Wren
Cheng Yeo
Fui Kiew Yong
Melissa Young
Ian Young
Xinyu Zhang
Dirk Zimmerling

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Anditi Pty Ltd
Aptitude Pty Ltd
ARI Water Solutions
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ATEC Australia-International
Atelier Ten
Autonomous Grazing Australia
Awssam Engineering Pty Ltd
BABCO Industries
Barros van den Dool Active Transport Pty Ltd
Beyond Zero Emissions
Blue Environment Pty Ltd
Bluecoast Consulting Engineers
BlueZone Group
Cantilever Consulting Engineers
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CJ Arms
Clean Technology Partners Pty Ltd
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Gender Matters
GLP Renewables
Grün Consulting
Hoogland Consult Pty Ltd
Hydraulic Consultants Association Australasia
Hydrogen Energy Group
Indigenous Energy Australia
Innovation Drive Pty Ltd
Insitu Test
Institute of Quality Asset Management Pty Ltd
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Integral Group
Integrated Sustainability
Inxure Consulting
Ironbark Sustainability
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