Stories from the drawing board: City of Fremantle

Staring at a brief wondering how it might look if you make climate emergency and biodiversity emergency first principles for design? According to engineers and technical staff at City of Fremantle, it’s a very positive place to start.
Written by Willow Aliento.

What does a climate emergency mean to me?

Sustainability is the MOST important part of any project.  If your project isn’t sustainable for people and the planet, then what are you even doing?
Written by Priya Gandhi.

10 principles to guide your actions in 2020

Don’t be deceived into thinking the Australian Engineers Declare movement is just a flag waving protest. The Declaration articulates key principles to guide real action and establish accountability for signatories. Written by Chris Buntine.

If you would like to collaborate with Australian Engineers Declare on a story relating to engineering and the biodiversity & climate emergency, please email